Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

15 Jan 2022

Ep 82 - Over Time Limit

After confusing the owner of the fishery, Bridger lives up to his name.  Donk lives up to his.  And Balmy lives his down.  The party delves deeper into the ruins beneath Otari in their epic quest to find the missing fish.

26 Dec 2021

Ep 80 - Cage Fighting Chance

The party meets up with their foretold companion as they delve further into the mysteries under the fishery.

18 Dec 2021

Ep 78 - Spider Bite Sized

A giant spider.  A mysterious short sword.  A lizard-man corpse.  A makeshift barricade. Find out what all of these have in common on this episode of Shield Bash.

06 Nov 2021

Ep77 - On the Path to Glory Hole

The newly formed group of "heroes" (?) continues their underground exploration. And the corgi shows us all its true majesty.

30 Oct 2021

Ep 76 - Blind Corner of Destiney

You're in for a treat as we start a new cast of characters down the road to their own epic fates,  The Inner Sea is rife with adventure, and we find our own this week in the town of Otari.  Join us.

25 Oct 2021

Ep75.5-Criss Cross Talk 2

This week we discuss our experiences with book 1 of Serpent's Skull.  Favorite memories, questions unanswered, and looking to the future.

25 Oct 2021

Ep75-Treasure Hunt Down

In this week's episode, Medha dives recklessly into danger while Tam and the others rush to save her. And yes, there IS rope.

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We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.