Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

03 May 2020

Ep24 - Cannibal Island Fever

The hunt for Sasha continues as traps are sprung, mysteries are revealed, and questions are answered. Soon the island will have no secrets left. But will the PC's survive long enough to find everything they are searching for?

03 May 2020

Ep23 - Cliff Hanging in There

This week sees us finish off the previous fight. Returning to camp for the first time in weeks, a pair of surprises await us there. What are they? How will the party react? Will the PC's ever be the same? Just where did Jarwin go? Tune in to find out.

03 May 2020

Ep22.5 - Criss Cross Talk

Come sit and listen along with us as we discuss the game, gaming, life in general, and anything else that comes to mind. Note 1: This episode has no game play and no impact on the story line. Note 2: If you like this kind of episode, send us questions and we will answer them.

03 May 2020

Ep22 - Out of the Blue Tipped Eurypterid

Rushing frantically across the island, the heroes of our story encounter something they've never seen before. Dangerous creatures that actually threaten their lives. Join us once again for another fast paced thrill ride, a roller coaster of emotion, a cliff hanger of chills and thrills. A turn based combat system akin to a CHESS MATCH!!!!!

03 May 2020

Ep20 - Bottomless Pit Fiend

This episode sees the exciting conclusion of the Pigmy Island saga. What horrors haunt this island? Will the party survive contact with whatever abomination of the planes awaits them? Will Britt ever be able to roll above a 15? All of this and more coming in this episode of Shield Bash!

03 May 2020

Ep19 - A New Friend of a Friend

Have you ever crossed an island inhabited by Veggie-Pygmy's? How about one covered in demon dust? Listen to our unwitting explorers do both in this episode of Shield Bash. You'd think it would be quick and easy. A short jaunt across from shore to shore. You would, of course, be wrong......

03 May 2020

Ep18 - Crash Land of Opportunity

In our latest installment, those stranded on the island explore the wrecked ship. Will it still be in good enough shape to get them off the island? Will they leave even if it is? There is still a lot of island to explore. Come and join us for some more narrative stabbing.....on SHIELD BASH!

03 May 2020

Ep17 - Abandon Ship Shape

With the vegga-pygmys defeated, the group attempts to question them. Then they move on to find something everyone is excited for. Will it give them what they want, a way off of the island? Or is will their hopes be dashed upon the rocks of reality like the Jenievere was broken upon this very island?

03 May 2020

Ep16 - I’ve Got to be Going Native

Today we hear find out what happens when our adventurers meet some of the island's native inhabitants for the first time. Will peaceful negotiations ensue? Yeah right. There will be tears. The only question is which side will they be on. But this does leave us with one burning question. Are these natives responsible for this strange dust coating everything around? Come and listen as they try to find out.

About Us

We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.