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03 May 2020

Ep15 - Life is Short-cut to Mushrooms

A creepy sensation crawls across your skin. The feeling of being watched. Who is watching the "heroes" of our story? What will they do about it? How many times do they need to detail their actions to the DM? The answers* to these questions and more in this episode of SHIELD BASH!!!! *Not all questions may be answered in this episode in all states. Contact your local Shield Bash provider if not all details are included. Void where prohibited (which is everywhere).

03 May 2020

Ep14 - A Few Screws Loose Cannon

Come and sit around the fire and here the Ballad of Pezcock, a tengu with a hell of a story. What will the party make of him? Will he be a new fan favorite? He's certainly the DM's favorite.

03 May 2020

Ep13 - Moment of Truth be Told

In this episode.... Mysteries abound in episode 13. Snakes, an abandoned camp, a crab the size of a small house, iconic swords strewn about the ground. What do these things mean? How will they affect our cadre of adventurers? Does this description sound stereotypical enough yet? All this and more, this week on.... SHIELD BASH!!!!!

03 May 2020

Ep12 - Snake Eye for an Eye

IN THIS EPISODE!!! Nath completes his long time goal of......(listen to find out more). And hilarity ensues! And then the party encounters a dangerous and deadly group of.....(listen to find out more). The Britt decides to boldly.....(listen to find out more). What will this mean for our "heroes"? Listen to find out more!!

03 May 2020

Ep11 - Yellow Musk Zombie Apocalypse

The yellow skinned humanoid is revealed! In this episode we discover the mysterious identity of our mysterious find. Are you familiar with the works of Mr. Lovecraft? Have you seen the yellow sign? No..... Well, that's okay. Because this has nothing to do with today's episode. ENJOY listeners as we discuss our first major mystery.

03 May 2020

Ep10 - Three Hour Tour of Duty

Shorter than the run of a popular sitcom. This is the episode of the show were we decide to set out and not come back in a single day. Fetch quests completed, the PC's want to try a serious exploration of the island.

03 May 2020

Ep9 - Love Conquers All Talk No Action

As the name implies, not a lot happens action wise. The party levels up to 3! The level where fun things actually happen. Ishiaro reveals some of his backstory. The viper berries are diluted for Aeris. The mysterious glowing shapes in the water are investigated. What will Ronin do when he finds out what is in the waves?

03 May 2020

Ep8 - A Quick Bite to Eat My Words

In this episode, the brave survivors: encounter more hostile wildlife, regret exploring backstories, find some quest items, encounter even more hostile wildlife. Does Tam finally get what's coming to her? Will Jarwin be able to keep it in his pants? Does Ronin learn basic social etiquette? Of course not! But it is still fun to listen to.

03 May 2020

Ep7 - Here I come and Get It

The party makes it back to base camp. Relations with the non-participating comrades are strengthened. Some more than others. The mysterious lights in the ocean are investigated. Nath "meditates"........ what more could you want? An explanation for the title? Well, listen to the episode. I'm not explaining it here where children can read it. Tweet us @bashshield when you figure it out.

03 May 2020

Ep6 - Flights of Fantasy Island

The party encounters a trio of the local fauna. And thus begins the first of the fetch quests. How many WoW references will this inspire? Will we be able to grind boars until we all reach level 20? How great of a podcast would that be?

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We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.