Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

13 Jun 2021

Ep 64- Pay Back Bone

If you thought the degenerate serpent-folk skeletons were tough, wait till you hear this fight.  Undead have never given as much trouble as they do in this episode.

13 Jun 2021

Ep 63- Soulbound Doll House

This week the heroic adventurers have a contest with one of their most bitter longtime rivals, GRAVITY!  Who will come out on top?  Find out in this .... It's gravity.  Gravity always wins.

08 May 2021

Ep62 - Lever Action Packed

This week we learn that the Shield Bash crew is not immune to that which has stymied so many adventuring parties . . . . . doors.

17 Apr 2021

Ep61- A Bridge to Far Fetched

The fight with the degenerate serpent folk skeletons continues.  Clever ploys and a great deal of cardio keep the fight rolling as some of this new complex is inadvertently explored.

03 Apr 2021

EP60- Bait and Switch Off

In this totally normal episode, totally normal things happen.  Nothing unusual at all.  Nope, totally standard stuff. 

20 Mar 2021

Ep59- Triple Jump Rope

Today we learn that Nath doesn't do well without a clear plan of action.  Sound cryptic?  It is supposed to.  That way you'll listen to the episode to find out what it means.  Enjoy!

06 Mar 2021

Ep58- Seeing Red Mountain Devil

The fight against an old foe (?) begins and ends with a discussion of the drowning rules.  And a shark!  A really big shark.  The castaways also visit the canals of smuggler's shiv for a little bit of relaxation. 

06 Feb 2021

Ep56 - Forget Me Not Jarwyn

This week sees the return of a fan favorite NPC.  Well, maybe not a fan favorite, but definitely one of our favorites.  Short lived though his time was, it shall rise again.

31 Jan 2021

Ep55.5 - Round Table of Contents 4: Artemis Quinfrig

Explore with us the deeper workings of the mind of the exceptional thief we know as Artemis Quinfrig.  Learn a sympathetic story of a man making his way in the world the best he can with what he was given.

About Us

We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.