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07 Aug 2021

Ep68 - Dominate Person of Interest

This time we find out who in the party likes to be told what to do.  And we see a recreation of Ferris Bueller racing home, complete with epic jump that should have actually really hurt.

03 Jul 2021

25th of Rova, 4697

Day: 25th         Month: Rova (September)                  Year: 4697

Johan the bard came through Oppara last week.  We tried to get tickets, but couldn’t.  Dad said they could have, they just would have only been able to bring one of us kids because they would have had to sell the rest of us to be able to get enough gold.  Annie surprised me again though.  She apparently got Lord Hermans to get her tickets for her birthday last month.  We had to take her little sister with us (ugh!), but we got to hear him.  He told stories about all sorts of cool things.  Says he knows all the stories.  And THEN HE WENT AND HUNG OUT WITH UNCLE CARSON!  We actually got to meet him.  Oh ye...

03 Jul 2021

14th of Arodus, 4697

Day: 14th         Month: Arodus (August)                    Year: 4697

This has been the most boring summer ever.  Larsa got caught sneaking me over into the boy’s side of his club.  So now that’s gone.  But Mom was so mad that she is going to make me keep going to the girl’s club.  Annie joined the club though and is taking harp classes with me.  Don’t know why.  She’s already way better than anyone else in that class.  But her choice.  She still seems to be having fun.  Also, Jark is still an ass.  He kept making comments about Sakara when he thought no one was listening, about how she’s not as pretty as her sister and things like that.  I tried to...

03 Jul 2021

18th of Sarenith, 4697

Day: 18th         Month: Sarenith (June)                       Year: 4697

Larsa couldn’t get me into his club.  They told him that they only take in boys.  That I could join the woman’s club attached to it.  But they don’t do ANYTHING FUN over there.  They just want to sew or play music.  Or dance. Ugh.  But Larsa said that if I join, he can sneak me over sometimes to do some of the fun stuff like run or fight.  So I guess I’ll try out the harp class.  How hard could that be?  Just flick some strings that aren’t even moving.  Not like I actually need to learn it.  And Annie could always give me some pointers.  She’s always messi...

03 Jul 2021

9th of Desnus, 4697

Day: 9th           Month: Desnus (May)                        Year: 4697

Sakara’s new husband is a dick head!  Jark?  More like JERK!  He said that I can’t climb all over the trees anymore because I broke one of the branches.  Stupid rule.  Who even likes olives?  And no one cared that I scraped up my hands and knees falling out of the tree when that stupid branch broke?  No one.  It looked sturdy enough to hold my weight.  All I got was  lecture about how “little girls shouldn’t do things that might break others property”.  Like I did it on purpose or something.  It’s a tree.  You’re supposed to climb trees...

03 Jul 2021

10th of Abadius, 4697

Day: 10th         Month: Abadius (January)                 Year: 4697

Sakara is getting married.  Good for her, I guess.  She’s the oldest, but everyone knows Kara is going to get the real hook.  She’s the smartest and the prettiest.  Sakara is going to get the money though, when mom and dad die someday.  Whatever.  I don’t want to think about that.  Sakara’s new husband, or soon to be husband, seems nice enough.  He brought candy to share with dinner.  Good stuff to.  Not the cheap penny stuff that sticks to your teeth.  And he works at a vineyard.  So when I go to visit them, I can run a lot without Mom and Dad seeing me.  And I bet they have trees I can climb ...

03 Jul 2021

11th of Kuthona, 4696

Day: 11th         Month: Kuthona (December)             Year: 4696

ASCENSION DAY!!  BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!  It’s snowing again.  I hit Amara in the face with a snowball!  It was hilarious and she got all mad and stomped inside.  Whatever.  I got some good licks in on Larsa too before he convinced everyone else to team up on me.  Mom got me a sewing kit.  BLARGH!  Dad got me a new saddle blanket.  That’s cool, I guess.  Annie got me a book on the Taldan Armies of Expansion.  It is soooo cooool.  It has maps tracking the route of every army and their settlements and what they found there.  Tons of maps showing how the borders changed when the armies went out.  She’s the ...

03 Jul 2021

29th of Neth, 4696

Day: 29th         Month: Neth (November)                   Year: 4696

Mom and Dad met this new family through Dad’s work at Morilla Mercantile Concern.  The Morovia’s work out of Kintargo, ship exotic foods.  Mostly vegetables, so how much money could there be in that.  Apparently, they have the market cornered on carrots with some other guy named Castleman.  I leaned AAAALLLLLLLLLL about that last night at dinner.  Talk about boring.  I did get to spend some time with their daughters though.  Lola and Mimra are twins, both near my age.  Lola is kind of lame, like literally lame.  There’s something wrong with her leg.  But she was nice and sewed up the tear in my fa...

03 Jul 2021

31st of Arodus, 4696

Day: 31st         Month: Arodus (August)                    Year: 4696

Today was Annie’s birthday party.  She really is a good friend.  The party was kind of lame though.  Just her, her sister, me, and a bunch of Lord Hermans’ friends.  Apparently, Lord Hermans is Annie’s great uncle, so they don’t really know each other.  And he’s always busy with lord stuff, so she doesn’t see him much.  But he’s got this big house with lots of neat stuff in it like armor and shields and swords and books and maps.  SO MANY MAPS!!  His library is like the coolest room I’ve ever been in.  Besides Uncle Carson’s house.  And he knows Uncle Carson too.  Apparently, they were friends and Lord Hermans gave Uncle Carson money for some of his trips.  I got Annie a lap harp.  She says she always wanted to learn. ...

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