Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

13 Jun 2021

Ep 63- Soulbound Doll House

This week the heroic adventurers have a contest with one of their most bitter longtime rivals, GRAVITY!  Who will come out on top?  Find out in this .... It's gravity.  Gravity always wins.

08 May 2021

Ep62 - Lever Action Packed

This week we learn that the Shield Bash crew is not immune to that which has stymied so many adventuring parties . . . . . doors.

17 Apr 2021

Ep61- A Bridge to Far Fetched

The fight with the degenerate serpent folk skeletons continues.  Clever ploys and a great deal of cardio keep the fight rolling as some of this new complex is inadvertently explored.

03 Apr 2021

EP60- Bait and Switch Off

In this totally normal episode, totally normal things happen.  Nothing unusual at all.  Nope, totally standard stuff. 

20 Mar 2021

Ep59- Triple Jump Rope

Today we learn that Nath doesn't do well without a clear plan of action.  Sound cryptic?  It is supposed to.  That way you'll listen to the episode to find out what it means.  Enjoy!

06 Mar 2021

Ep58- Seeing Red Mountain Devil

The fight against an old foe (?) begins and ends with a discussion of the drowning rules.  And a shark!  A really big shark.  The castaways also visit the canals of smuggler's shiv for a little bit of relaxation. 

06 Feb 2021

Ep56 - Forget Me Not Jarwyn

This week sees the return of a fan favorite NPC.  Well, maybe not a fan favorite, but definitely one of our favorites.  Short lived though his time was, it shall rise again.

31 Jan 2021

Ep55.5 - Round Table of Contents 4: Artemis Quinfrig

Explore with us the deeper workings of the mind of the exceptional thief we know as Artemis Quinfrig.  Learn a sympathetic story of a man making his way in the world the best he can with what he was given.

25 Jan 2021

Ep55 - Give and Take Notes

Using some much needed down time, the group explores various hobbies around their new base camp.  Archeology, construction, shirking work, and landscaping.  That's right listeners.  It's time for CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

About Us

We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.