Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

19 Sep 2020

Ep46 - Split Second Opinion

Finally reunited with the non-participating comrades, the group has much to share and some things to learn. What new direction will the information they discover at camp send them? Maybe more than one?

05 Sep 2020

Ep45 - Tree House Physician

The group meets another resident of the island. Does this person appreciate our unique group and their diverse personalities? Or does this person think they're a bunch of a-holes? Or both?

22 Aug 2020

Ep44 - Travel Worn Down

On today's episode of Magic Shield Bash, we explore the wonders of the Banyan Tree. Come and learn of one of the largest varieties of tree from Africa and a major producer of dates. (Seriously, this is about 10 minutes of this episode.)

08 Aug 2020

Ep 43- Snake God Knows How

The history of the island is revealed.  Will these be major plot points or just flavor text?  How does it taste?  Can the group ever agree on anything?  Will they pee on the altar?  Let's listen and find out....

25 Jul 2020

Ep42- Land of the Lost Temple (Book 1) 42- Land of the Lost Temple

Today's episode begins with a new discovery, and ends with a mystery.  Can you solve this new riddle plaguing the party?  Do you think you can solve the question?  Find out if you can discover WHAT HAPPENED TO BRITT'S MISSING PAGE?

11 Jul 2020

Ep41- One Ugly Mother Thrune Fang

Cannibals up top, undead down below. The group reacts as you'd expect when confronted with dangerous abominations. But then something happens they did not expect. An offer is made from an unexpected source.

27 Jun 2020

Ep40.6 - Round Table of Contents 3: Nath Vendikar

On a small island, a man learns the martial arts before he leaves to find a new life. That man was Nath's father. Now Nath is himself on a small island, learning his craft firsthand, but in a very different situation. How did these things connect? Was it fate that leads father and son both learning their martial arts on an island? Let's find out.

27 Jun 2020

Ep40.3 - Round Table of Contents 2: Medha of Ngali

This week we explore the story of Medha before she became stranded on an island with a group of "heroes". Why was she exploring the world? Why does she like Tam so much? Or at all? Where is she going after all of this is done? Find out now.

13 Jun 2020

Ep40 - Head Stone Cold

A dark cave. A message from beyond the grave. A mysterious pool. Movement in the shadows. What lies ahead in what is slowly turning into a Lovecraftian tale of horror? Let us hope we don't have a cliffhanger this week.

30 May 2020

Ep39 - Cave Man of the People

The cannibal's defeated, the grounds of the lighthouse cleared, and a mysterious new cave revealed. Listen as the group of inadvertent adventurers begins their exploration. And then they find something that they did not expect.

About Us

We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.