Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

06 Feb 2021

Ep56 - Forget Me Not Jarwyn

This week sees the return of a fan favorite NPC.  Well, maybe not a fan favorite, but definitely one of our favorites.  Short lived though his time was, it shall rise again.

31 Jan 2021

Ep55.5 - Round Table of Contents 4: Artemis Quinfrig

Explore with us the deeper workings of the mind of the exceptional thief we know as Artemis Quinfrig.  Learn a sympathetic story of a man making his way in the world the best he can with what he was given.

25 Jan 2021

Ep55 - Give and Take Notes

Using some much needed down time, the group explores various hobbies around their new base camp.  Archeology, construction, shirking work, and landscaping.  That's right listeners.  It's time for CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

09 Jan 2021

Ep54- Long Time No See For Yourself

Reunited and it feels so FINALLY!  The group comes together and shares resources and information before discovering new leads

06 Jan 2021

22nd of Sarenith 4696

Day: 22nd        Month: Sarenith (June)                       Year: 4696

Meet a new girl at school.  Her name is Annabel Hermans.  She’s a ward of the Hermans patriarch.  Mom and Dad says that means she’ll inherit when the old man kicks it.  Don’t know what she’ll inherit, but Lord Hermans is a nice old man that used to give me gifts at my birthday.  So that has to be a good place to grow up.  And Annabel is so small.  She’s my age, but she’s so short and thin.  Like I blow her over if I sneezed enough.  And she has a sister named Roylessa.  She’s younger and made fun of me for how big I am.  So I tackled her and started rubbing my knuckles on her head until she begged me to stop.


26 Dec 2020

Ep53- Board Game Over

Dead baboons.  Dead donkeys.  5 gold pieces.  The FBI.  What do these things have in common?  Listen and learn.

12 Dec 2020

Ep52- Monkey Business As Usual

As the two crews continue to explore the island, a push is made to reconnect our long divide team.  What will stand in their way this time?  Or rather, who will?

28 Nov 2020

Ep51- Shark Repellent Behavior

In this episode, the group discovers how to make a party member into a balloon fit for a Thanksgiving parade.

14 Nov 2020

Ep50- Abandon Ship Wreck

After giving some detox advice, the A-Team explores some ship wrecks while the B-Team reaches the lighthouse.  Banter, treasure, and Mary Poppins all in this episode of Shield Bash.

07 Nov 2020

20th of Desnus, 4696

Day: 20th         Month: Desnus (May)                        Year: 4696

So Uncle Carson got me this journal for my birthday yesterday.  Said if I ever wanted to be a famous explorer when I grew up, I need to learn to “document my time and my discoveries”.  Sure.  Whatever.  This is what any kid wants for their birthday.  I was really hoping to get that sword of his, Trail Blazer.  Or at least something like it.  It’s so cool.  I can’t wait to learn how to use a sword.  I think mom and dad just didn’t want him to give me anything to intense.  I mean, how important is a journal anyway?  If I want to be a famous explorer, writing things down won’t do it.  I need to learn how to jump, and climb, and run, and fight.  And history and stuff, I guess.  I can already out run all of my older sisters and my brother.  Slow pokes. ...

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We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.