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The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

11 Jul 2020

Ep41- One Ugly Mother Thrune Fang

Cannibals up top, undead down below. The group reacts as you'd expect when confronted with dangerous abominations. But then something happens they did not expect. An offer is made from an unexpected source.

27 Jun 2020

Ep40.6 - Round Table of Contents 3: Nath Vendikar

On a small island, a man learns the martial arts before he leaves to find a new life. That man was Nath's father. Now Nath is himself on a small island, learning his craft firsthand, but in a very different situation. How did these things connect? Was it fate that leads father and son both learning their martial arts on an island? Let's find out.

27 Jun 2020

Ep40.3 - Round Table of Contents 2: Medha of Ngali

This week we explore the story of Medha before she became stranded on an island with a group of "heroes". Why was she exploring the world? Why does she like Tam so much? Or at all? Where is she going after all of this is done? Find out now.

13 Jun 2020

Ep40 - Head Stone Cold

A dark cave. A message from beyond the grave. A mysterious pool. Movement in the shadows. What lies ahead in what is slowly turning into a Lovecraftian tale of horror? Let us hope we don't have a cliffhanger this week.

30 May 2020

Ep39 - Cave Man of the People

The cannibal's defeated, the grounds of the lighthouse cleared, and a mysterious new cave revealed. Listen as the group of inadvertent adventurers begins their exploration. And then they find something that they did not expect.

16 May 2020

Ep38- Double Dealing with the Aftermath

After a long fought battle, the group finds itself alone in the dark at the now deserted lighthouse. What new horrors lie in wait in this place?

03 May 2020

Ep37 - Battle for the Lighthouse pt. 3 -or- In a Fog of War

This hard fought battle comes to an end, one way or another. Come live out your deepest fantasies with us and discover what it is like to fight to the death over a LIGHTHOUSE!

03 May 2020

Ep36 - Battle for the Lighthouse pt. 2- or The Battle Rages On the Other Hand

What happens when the players surprise the DM with their plans? What happens when the DM tripled the level of the already scouted enemies because he was bored? What happens when the players don't know that and go with their plan anyway? You get this episode!

03 May 2020

Ep35 - Battle for the Lighthouse Pt. 1 -or- Burning Down the House Party

In this tough time of isolation, we here at Shield Bash want to do our (very) little part and help relieve your boredom. With that in mind, we are releasing our episode a few days early. Enjoy!

03 May 2020

Ep34 - Home Invasion of Privacy

Stealth prevails as the group of survivors makes their foray into the cannibal's camp, hopefully for the final time. With the intention of wiping out this threat, what will they find as they broach the darkness? Let's find out together.

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We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.