Shield Bash

The full force pathfinder real-play podcast

03 May 2020

Ep34 - Home Invasion of Privacy

Stealth prevails as the group of survivors makes their foray into the cannibal's camp, hopefully for the final time. With the intention of wiping out this threat, what will they find as they broach the darkness? Let's find out together.

03 May 2020

Ep33 - Role Playing for Keeps

After the rescue of Jarwin and the defeat of the Red Mountain Devil, the group retreats to consider their next steps and prepare for whatever lies ahead. Emotions are shared, allegiances are discussed, loins are girded. Prepare.

03 May 2020

Ep32 - Code Red Mountain Devil

When a new threat rears its head, the group bands together. When one of their own is taken into its clutches, will they be able to save them? Will the fight last more than 3 rounds? How long until the group actually gets to playing?

03 May 2020

Ep31 - Strip Search and Rescue (Book 1)

The rescue operation has begun, and now we wait to see if it is successful. And we wait. And we wait. And we wait.

03 May 2020

Ep30 - Scouting Party Crashers

Jarwin has been located and the rescue operation has begun. Will they succeed? Will they be caught in the rescue? Is Jarwin wearing pants? These are the question we hope to answer soon.

03 May 2020

Ep29.5 - Round Table of Contents: Tam Westcrown

Have you ever wondered what the mind of Tam Westcrown was like, deep inside? No? Well, listen anyway to hear Britt and Jason ramble through a bunch of questions about Tam and her past and her present.

03 May 2020

Ep29 - Ultraviolet Light House

Invested in the story of "Not Jarwin"? See how it unfurls today. And the lighthouse is found and scouted. After several topics of distraction, of course.

03 May 2020

Ep28 - Heart Monitor Lizard

In this episode: Artemis loses faith in Medha's healing powers, "Jarwin" returns, "Jarwin" leaves us again, the lighthouse is spotted in the distance, and Britt laughs until he cries. How are these all connected? Let us be your New Year's resolution and come and find out.

03 May 2020

Ep27 - Hanging Out of the Blue

This is the biggest episode yet. Arson! Discussion of Pezcock's sanity. A pastrami sandwich with mustard! A trek through the jungle! Betrayal at the hand of one of their own!

03 May 2020

Ep26 - Shock and Awww Snap

Dealing with the aftermath of the battle with the cannibal horde, our protagonists encounter new denizens of the island. And one of the party finds them more than they can deal with. Will this be the episode where we have our first character death? Or will they take two episodes to bleed out?

About Us

We are a group from central Illinois creating a podcast chronicling our characters journey through Paizo's Serpent's Skull adventure path.