20th of Desnus, 4696

Day: 20th         Month: Desnus (May)                        Year: 4696

So Uncle Carson got me this journal for my birthday yesterday.  Said if I ever wanted to be a famous explorer when I grew up, I need to learn to “document my time and my discoveries”.  Sure.  Whatever.  This is what any kid wants for their birthday.  I was really hoping to get that sword of his, Trail Blazer.  Or at least something like it.  It’s so cool.  I can’t wait to learn how to use a sword.  I think mom and dad just didn’t want him to give me anything to intense.  I mean, how important is a journal anyway?  If I want to be a famous explorer, writing things down won’t do it.  I need to learn how to jump, and climb, and run, and fight.  And history and stuff, I guess.  I can already out run all of my older sisters and my brother.  Slow pokes.  Amara says it’s because I look like a boy so I run like one.  She’s just jealous and Kara boxed her ear for saying it.  That was great to watch.  Even though Kara got in trouble with mom and dad for it.  I snuck her my desert to make up for it though.  I owed her that much at least.  Anyway, I guess this journal thing isn’t THAT bad.  

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