31st of Arodus, 4696

Day: 31st         Month: Arodus (August)                    Year: 4696

Today was Annie’s birthday party.  She really is a good friend.  The party was kind of lame though.  Just her, her sister, me, and a bunch of Lord Hermans’ friends.  Apparently, Lord Hermans is Annie’s great uncle, so they don’t really know each other.  And he’s always busy with lord stuff, so she doesn’t see him much.  But he’s got this big house with lots of neat stuff in it like armor and shields and swords and books and maps.  SO MANY MAPS!!  His library is like the coolest room I’ve ever been in.  Besides Uncle Carson’s house.  And he knows Uncle Carson too.  Apparently, they were friends and Lord Hermans gave Uncle Carson money for some of his trips.  I got Annie a lap harp.  She says she always wanted to learn.  Seems lame.  I’d rather play a drum.

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