11th of Kuthona, 4696

Day: 11th         Month: Kuthona (December)             Year: 4696

ASCENSION DAY!!  BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!  It’s snowing again.  I hit Amara in the face with a snowball!  It was hilarious and she got all mad and stomped inside.  Whatever.  I got some good licks in on Larsa too before he convinced everyone else to team up on me.  Mom got me a sewing kit.  BLARGH!  Dad got me a new saddle blanket.  That’s cool, I guess.  Annie got me a book on the Taldan Armies of Expansion.  It is soooo cooool.  It has maps tracking the route of every army and their settlements and what they found there.  Tons of maps showing how the borders changed when the armies went out.  She’s the best.  Wish I had gotten her something near as good.  I just carved her a little statue of her.  It doesn’t look that good, but I worked on it for a long time.  She says she liked it, but I think she’s just being nice.  She’s always nice.  To everyone, not just me.  Whoa, Mom says there is hot honey tea.  I love Ascension Day.

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