10th of Abadius, 4697

Day: 10th         Month: Abadius (January)                 Year: 4697

Sakara is getting married.  Good for her, I guess.  She’s the oldest, but everyone knows Kara is going to get the real hook.  She’s the smartest and the prettiest.  Sakara is going to get the money though, when mom and dad die someday.  Whatever.  I don’t want to think about that.  Sakara’s new husband, or soon to be husband, seems nice enough.  He brought candy to share with dinner.  Good stuff to.  Not the cheap penny stuff that sticks to your teeth.  And he works at a vineyard.  So when I go to visit them, I can run a lot without Mom and Dad seeing me.  And I bet they have trees I can climb and good places to hide.  I could probably read the book Annie got me all day without anyone bothering me.

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