9th of Desnus, 4697

Day: 9th           Month: Desnus (May)                        Year: 4697

Sakara’s new husband is a dick head!  Jark?  More like JERK!  He said that I can’t climb all over the trees anymore because I broke one of the branches.  Stupid rule.  Who even likes olives?  And no one cared that I scraped up my hands and knees falling out of the tree when that stupid branch broke?  No one.  It looked sturdy enough to hold my weight.  All I got was  lecture about how “little girls shouldn’t do things that might break others property”.  Like I did it on purpose or something.  It’s a tree.  You’re supposed to climb trees!  That’s what they’re there for!  Whatever.  I won’t be going back to visit them any time soon.  And good riddance.  Oh, and Shara broke her foot doing something stupid.  And Larsa said he’s going to try and get me into his sports club.

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