25th of Rova, 4697

Day: 25th         Month: Rova (September)                  Year: 4697

Johan the bard came through Oppara last week.  We tried to get tickets, but couldn’t.  Dad said they could have, they just would have only been able to bring one of us kids because they would have had to sell the rest of us to be able to get enough gold.  Annie surprised me again though.  She apparently got Lord Hermans to get her tickets for her birthday last month.  We had to take her little sister with us (ugh!), but we got to hear him.  He told stories about all sorts of cool things.  Says he knows all the stories.  And THEN HE WENT AND HUNG OUT WITH UNCLE CARSON!  We actually got to meet him.  Oh yeah, Uncle Carson went with us as our chaperone.  We all went back to Uncle Carson’s house and had dinner after the show and got Johan to tell us more stories.  He really might know them all.  And then Annie got taken home, and then Mom came and picked me up.  Uncle Carson was still talking to Johan when I left.  They looked pretty serious, but I couldn’t hear them.

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